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Our compliance protocol adheres to the most rigorous standards in the industry and was built on robust research and compliance experience.

Internal Controls

  • Detailed Ethics and Compliance Code that is specifically tailored to our unique business 

  • Mandatory annual training and attestations to adherence with the Code and its principles 

  • Compliance Officers who oversee the effectiveness of our compliance

  • Compliance review of all reports prior to publication

  • Stringent restricted list to ensure conflict-free, independent products

  • Periodic monitoring and auditing of our compliance policies and procedures by external compliance

  • Written and electronic records are maintained for three years 

  • Analyst forbidden from discussing written reports prior to widespread distribution

Who We Are

Channel Dynamics LLC (the “Firm") is an independent research firm. The Firm provides corporations, investors, and consultants with differentiated and compliant primary research as a result of channel checks conducted with private companies. The Firm does not conduct investment banking, sales or advisory services and has a proven track record of helping clients connect the dots and make confident decisions.

Our team of former buy-side analysts has a deep understanding of supply chains, performs thoughtful & actionable channel work, and shares a passion for research. Our expertise spans across a variety of industries, including industrials, media & technology, consumer, healthcare, and energy sectors. 

We save clients time by performing the diligence work they need to stay up to date on the latest business trends. Our clients receive unique, relevant, and timely summaries that they are confident were created using the highest industry standards. 

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