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Our Services

CD's research products aim to be differentiated, high quality, and actionable. The reports allow our L/S clients to improve hit rates during earnings season and catch KPI inflections ahead of the competition. We also identify thematic investment opportunities and perform industry due diligence that helps clients have more conviction in their investments. 

Our domain expertise and deep understanding of supply chains allow us to deliver thoughtful and actionable channel work to both public and private equity investors. Our research team has each conducted thousands of calls with senior private company operators and developed LASTING relationships. 

Shipping Containers


Recurring Reports


Monthly or quarterly updates featuring KPI data points and qualitative color from senior private company executives 

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Upward Curve


Thematic Deep Dives


Examines thematic and structural changes impacting ecosystems through the lens of private companies operating across the supply chain

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Syndicated Surveys


Insights across a wider scope of private companies through strategically executed surveys leveraging domain expertise and industry mapping

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Stock Market Down


Bespoke Projects


Customized projects, viewable only to your firm and adhering to our IP policies

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Analyzing Graphs


PE Due Diligence


Deep domain expertise and industry relationships enables our senior research team to turn high quality due diligence projects quickly

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Core Relationships

Our team has built strong relationships with a select group of senior private company executives and institutional investors to deliver compliant and differentiated research.  We believe in expanding the network, and sharing valuable insights amongst investors and executives who we call on as partners. 

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